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Our history, team and patients

For 95 years, the Bičakčić Clinic has been synonymous with health, pioneering thinking and helping people.

The mission of the Dental Clinic Bičakčić is not to repair teeth, but to restore a smile to your face. Looking at our work in that way, it becomes clear that we have chosen one of the noblest professions.



Medical tradition in our family begins with Dr. Vejsil Bičakčić who left his home town back in 1918 and went to study medicine in Vienna. As one of the first students from these areas and despite the lack of knowledge of the German language, he successfully completed his degree in medicine. Upon returning to his home in Sarajevo he opened his private practice under the name “Bičakčić Practice”. Recognizing medicine as a way to help the man, not only as a job, Dr. Bičakčić was engaged, with equal fervor, in philanthropic activities and humanitarian work.

The commitment to the health and welfare of man becomes deeply rooted in all generations to come. This tradition continues with Primarius doctor Dževad Bičakčić who completes his studies in 1960 in Ljubljana. After returning to Sarajevo he became the director of the largest and the only state dental service.

He was actively involved in the establishment of Faculty of Dentistry with Clinics in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the separation of the Faculty of Dentistry and Dental Clinic he serves in the position of the director of dental clinic until retirement. For his contribution to the establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry with Clinics in Bosnia and Herzegovina and for maintaining the continuity of the profession from 1924 to 2010 he was awarded a posthumous recognition by the Faculty of Dentistry in Sarajevo during the celebration of its 50th anniversary.

Service based on tradition, quality, modern technologies and individual approach to every patient continues today with Dr. Nadir and Dr. Kerim Bičakčić with a great team of associates.

We keep affirming or leading position not only in Bosnian but also the European market. The world leading technology, continuous training of all employees and above all human approach to each patient, guarantees your satisfaction and smile. Tradition and future in the service of your smile!

Our team

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